The Winning Edge: Hidden Personality Strengths That Set You Apart

The Winning Edge: Hidden Personality Strengths That Set You Apart

Do you ever wonder what makes some people seem to almost magically advance their careers, while others, with similar backgrounds, go unnoticed? What gives them the hidden edge?

The ‘hidden edge’ is the way you connect with who you are and how you communicate with others around you. We know that there are some people with whom we just ‘click’ and others with whom we don’t. What we don’t always remember, however, is that each of us approaches the world differently and has different behavioural (or personality) style preferences.

The winning edge

There’s one hidden truth at which winners excel: they are masterful communicators and adapt their approaches to the needs of other people. The greatest communicators always ‘mirror’ the personality style of the people they’re talking to or working with. They adapt their style to others’ styles in the language they understand.

When you adapt your style to others, it will help you build rapport and improve communication. They will respect your approach (because, after all, it’s like theirs). They will trust you most. They will think more highly of you.

In any competitive endeavour, this will give you a winning edge that others might not know about you. Remember, it’s not just what you know. It’s not just who you know. It’s how others think and feel about you that makes all the difference.

About personality styles

There are four basic personality styles. While we can each use all four of them we will tend to use one or two most frequently. These are our dominant styles.

  • Driver
  • Promoter
  • Supporter
  • Analyser

This approach to personality styles is referred to as The MyCareerMatch DPSA methodology, because of the first letter of each style. In the following paragraphs, I provide descriptions of each style. As you review them, ask yourself which ones you think best describe you.

The Driver Style (D)

Drivers are strong willed, practical and decisive. They are action oriented and results driven. Drivers are assertive and they like to tell others what to do. Drivers prefer jobs that are task- rather than relationship-oriented. 
Drivers are the entrepreneurs and are most comfortable when they are in control. They are competitive, thrive under pressure and can often be confrontational. They exude energy, move faster, speak louder and certainly decide quicker. They aren’t interested in small talk and don’t communicate their feelings too often or too freely. They are less emotional and more in control of their feelings and responses than other styles.

The Promoter Style (P)

Promoters are expressive, emotional people who use their intuition to make decisions. They are very approachable, warm, competitive and fast paced. Promoters like to form relationships and they make great diplomats. 
They believe that cooperation is the best way to achieve results. They are terrific in teams and group activity, often wanting to be the leader, because they have excellent leadership skills. 
Promoters have great people skills and like to tell others what to do. When given the choice, they prefer to work with other people rather than alone. They consider power and personal recognition as very important. Promoters want to get noticed. Promoters are assertive people who are not hesitant about making their presence or feelings known.

The Supporter Style (S)

Supporters are at ease with people, fitting comfortably into most situations. They are law abiding and tend to be more factual than intuitive. They’re great at organising and have a talent for logistics. Supporters love their family and friends and stay in contact with them frequently. They do not believe in instant success but that you have to work in order to achieve. Whilst they don’t see themselves as set in their ways they dislike sudden changes. Supporters work hard at not letting others down. They are conscientious people who will drop everything to assist a fellow worker. They are willing to volunteer their time to assist the needy and are often the unsung heroes. They are friendly people, easy going, who get on well with and are liked by most people.

The Analyser Style (A)

Analysers strive for accuracy. For them, details and facts are most persuasive. They are not very relationship orientated nor are they highly expressive or fast paced. Analysers like to be more in control and less emotional and focus on tasks rather than people. They tend to be perfectionists and can be quite hard on themselves. Often they like to work alone rather than in a group, and they generally prefer a closed-door environment. Despite their solitary nature they are loyal and very supportive. It is important to Analysers to know exactly what is required of them and what their responsibilities are. They want to get it right the first time and hate having to do things over again. They are loyal, supportive and are good problem solvers.

“Communication – the human connection – is the key to personal and career success.”
Paul J Meyer

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