Are You Getting Enough Sleep?

Are You Getting Enough Sleep?

Sound, deep, uninterrupted sleep. Forget world peace – if you are a student juggling your studies with other commitments, this is probably your new number-one goal in life.

Do you find yourself feeling jealous of toddlers who can still take naps? Or perhaps you’re dreaming of a Spanish summer purely for the siestas?

Well, we’ve got the 4 top tips from those who sleep soundly – and they just might get you those elusive 8 hours each night.

1. Let it all out

In what is probably news to no one, the top reason people can’t sleep is they can’t shut their brain down from the thoughts and stresses of the day. Writing your worries down before bed and meditating before you shut your eyes is a great routine for emptying your mind and winding down.

2. Stick to a sleep schedule

It’s simple: go to bed at the same time every night, and wake up at the same time every morning (yes, even on weekends). Science has proven that giving this kind of stability to your biological clock can do wonders for your rest capabilities.

3. Get your ritual on

Establishing a sequence of events before bed – for example, a warm shower, followed by a cup of chamomile tea, then reading – is an easy way to trick your brain into sleepy mode. This is usually a method for helping little kids sleep, but there’s no reason it can’t work for the big ones too.

4. Find snack time

Great news! A small bite to eat before you snuggle down can be very beneficial for sleep. The ideal combination is carbohydrates and tryptophan – a certain amino acid found in protein-rich foods that boosts serotonin.

Among other things, serotonin influences your sleep patterns – so consider a snack like banana and peanut butter on toast or fruit and yoghurt before bedtime.


 “It is a common experience that a problem difficult at night is resolved in the morning after the committee of sleep has worked on it.” John Steinbeck


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