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MyCareerMatch helps students discover their career personality, matching who they are with what they’d love to do. MyCareerMatch is a trademark product of Myprofile, Australia’s leading producer of online strengths-based assessments for careers, recruitment and training. The company’s mission is to help people achieve happy and successful careers, and to assist companies identify and attract the best talent.


Our career assessments are used by thousands of School Careers Advisers, Colleges, Universities, TAFEs, Skills Training Organisations, Online Course Providers, Libraries, Industry Groups, Apprenticeship Organisations and Employers in Australia, New Zealand, India and the UK. For over 10 years, we have earned the reputation as an industry leader in online career assessments with over one million people taking an assessment.

We believe every student deserves to be happy in their career. That’s why we’ve created a career blog that focuses on bringing you insights, tips and strategies from people who are the best at what they do, including top career experts and best selling authors. We have a passion for helping students succeed and we hope you find this blog a source of motivating information to help you find your dream job and achieve your career and life goals.


You don’t know what your dream job is until you are honest with yourself about who you really are. The hardest part of getting a dream job is knowing what a dream job is for you. It’s not someone else’s dream. It’s yours. We’re honoured and delighted you’re spending time with us to discover your personality strengths and ideal career. To discover your career personality you might like to take the survey at

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MyCareerMatch for Schools & Unis MyCareerMatch for Schools & Unis
EnterThe ultimate career test for students – matching their strengths
and personality with careers they would love.

MyCareerMatch for Library PatronsMyCareerMatch for Library Patrons
EnterA great e-resource for libraries looking to provide career and resume
help to their members.

EnterWrite a resume employers will love! Get everything you need right here.

MyProfile Private Label Sites.MyProfile Private Label Sites.
EnterMaking Happy Careers! Creators and developers of Private Label
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